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Ducks & More

What The Duck? 

Owning a Jeep is sort of like being in a biker gang. Both groups form communities or clubs. The Jeepsters however are more family oriented with goals to serve the community and create events planned around the whole family. They both share a unique custom as bikers wave to other bikers as they pass on the road; likewise, Jeepsters acknowledge each other with a quick wave, known as the Jeep Wave, as they pass by one another.

The kids have their own custom. They love to troll the parking lots (often a family affair) and when a Jeep is spotted, they hop out and place a duck on the Jeep (the rubber kind). This custom has grown into a world wide tradition and is commonly known as Jeep Ducking or Duck Duck Jeep. An adult has been known to participate in this fun loving event, as well (usually disguised as a kid).

Duckit Packs

  • 25 – $24
  • 50 – $48
  • 100 – $96
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Duckit Packs

Life is a ducking adventure. Be ready to duck a fellow Jeepster wherever you go. Stock up with one of these customized rubber duckies with the “Jeep” logo in vinyl on the front. Oder in lots of 25/50 or 100. The more you buy the more you save. The ducks are 1 1/2 by 1 1/2 inches, yellow with black lettering.

Yellowstone Ducks

Pack of 6 – 2 inch ducks dressed with a classy Hat and Tie and sporting some cool shades for those sunny days. Squat one of these bad boys on that OUTSTANDING Jeep in the parking lot. Ya might wanna have the kids stand by till the real owner shows up or all you gonna see is yeller tale feathers!